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Our mission at Frolicking Home Ministries is to help the least among us:  those who cannot help themselves. 

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Uganda Facts

Orphaned children in Uganda are everywhere
Causes:  Lifespan of adults is very low; AIDS is an epidemic, the overall quality of life is very poor.

Per UNICEF, Uganda:
Population 2012, total:        36.3 million
Population 2012, under 18:    20.2 million
Population 2012, under 5:      6.9 million
Life expectancy, 2012:        58.7 years
They live with extended family, but are orphaned
Many have AIDS

Pius and Ruth

Pius and Ruth were so malnourished - there was not enough food to feed them at their extended family’s home - that they did not develop properly.

We got them to a doctor and got food for them.


Gaining health and weight!
Ruth is now able to sit in her wheelchair
Pius is starting to walk

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